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What is High Capacity Living

High Capacity Living is a researched and proven program to put you on the path to success.

Success in life is not about how intelligent you are. This was first posed in the 19th Century by philosopher and researcher, Francis Galton. He discovered that persistence, not giving up was the best predictor of success. We now know this to be true. As a psychologist, educator, and business owner, I don’t just look for the smartest person but the one who has passion and a history of not giving up when things get tough. These people will always find a way to survive and make it beyond mere IQ.

While there are many factors associated with why we do the things we do and where we end up, the real reason is LIFE. Life can be really hard sometimes and things that happen to us just don’t seem fair. However, life isn’t about fairness, it’s about living and creating meaning, significance, and purpose where we are.

Research shows that people give up pursuing their dreams, and simply end up settling in their circumstances as their “lot in life” because they fear failing and making mistakes. After all, this has the potential to only increase all the negative things we tell ourselves, so why try?  

Research also shows that four common factors are associated with rising above our circumstances and achieving success. When life hits and hits hard, Hope begins to erode. We lose sight of where we want to go and come to believe that it’s just not possible anymore.

Once Hope takes a hit, our Commitment to goal seeking and obtaining behavior also lessens. Simultaneously, relationships (Accountability) begin to fracture and we isolate ourselves thinking nobody understands us and our situation.

Lastly, the motivation or Passion for which we do things become obsessive. Meaning, we desperately rely on external things and behaviors to make us feel something good about ourselves inside. However, these pursuits ultimately produce more negative emotions and feelings of getting stuck.

High Capacity Living is about creating Hope, Commitment, Accountability, and Passion (HCAP: High Capacity) that will enable you to live and not simply survive but thrive. In other words, it’s about living life in a High Capacity.  

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